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132nd episode

Whenever Park Ho-seong’s hands dance in the air, waves of blue manna waft around him. Shake off your left hand and use magic with your right hand.

It begins.

Test the wide-area divuff to the tankers.

Park Ho-sung uses a wide-spread pencil to force them to stop magic when releasing the tanker’s debug with a magic marker.

Park Ho-sung’s magic flies toward them.

Exterminate the magic of Ryeo Park Ho-seong.

Hon Guild, Dangun Guild’s elite rush toward the mercenary corps.

Cujin stops those who rush in. In the meantime, the back dealers attack the gap.

When Yoon Sang-hyuk shouted loudly, Balhae Guild member, who allowed other mask mercenaries to be inspected, leaves the battlefield with a look of regret.

Burn Down Battlefield.”

People leave the battlefield. Yoon Sang-hyuk is standing high up in front of the battlefield and watching the group battle.

Training in preparation for facing this teenage guild.

The first dropout came out in the masked mercenary group.

He stands on the side of the guild and looks at Park Ho-seong, who participated in the duel. After leaving the battlefield a while ago, the mercenaries briefly showed a gap in Park Ho-sung’s debugging magic and were then attacked.

Park Ho-seong needs to be solved first in order to pray. Park Ho-sung is showing more threatening power than the more than twenty-two wizards on the same side.

They are classified, but the difference between Park Ho-sung and Park Ho-seong is stark.

The mercenaries start shooting Park Ho-seong. Standing at the forefront is the ice flower, one of the two minor players.

be as good as

Fire a bow. He tries to break Park Ho-sung’s magic flow by mixing skills and general attacks properly. In general cases, the ice-flavored fire definitely would have been effective.

Park Ho-seong uses a defensive magic trick with one hand to block the check of ice flowers and is still struggling with the mercenary squads if he goes with the remaining hands.

In the fight, Park Ho-seong will play as one of the mercenaries, but at this moment, he is the enemy of the mercenaries.

Most of the people who left the battlefield despite tying up the wizards and dealers were Balhae guilds and their lower guilds.

Burn death, Jinhon Guild No. 39, serious injury, out of battle.”

The enemy’s departure from the battlefield is accelerated when hunting with .

Park Ho-seong uses magic to release the secret in a timely manner.

Masked Mercenary Unit 71, Serious Battlefield.”

You can see how much influence a wizard has on combat.

The training ends at Yoon’s cry.

It was Dan’s landslide victory. More than 300 guilds have left the battlefield while 12 of the masked mercenaries left the battlefield.

“Yes, my lord.”

Would you?”

Even if Balhae Guild and other subordinate guilds have made great progress recently, it is no match for a teenage guild yet.

You could grow to a mediocre level, but you’re still definitely lower than a teenage guild.

Wizards of the mask mercenary corps draw attention to Yoon Sang-hyuk.

Lee, everyone knows. But do you think that’s enough to push me so unilaterally?”

“Your contribution in this battle was zero. To reflect.”

Whenever Yoon Sang-hyuk evaluates the battle, the mercenaries say, “I’m sorry.

In Seo’s training session, the team scored only about 20 points if it scored the appearance of the mercenaries.

It does. The number of masked mercenaries is 102.

One thing is important, but if the teamwork is not right, it is a fight that can never be won. Let’s think about our roles again.

If you show up……….”

look at and say,

If that happens, the mercenary reputation will fall to the ground. But that’s not what matters. They may damage Yoon’s reputation.

It’s going up.

Ahead of the event, which marks the beginning of the Korean speculative market, there were some people on the other side of the globe who had the same training as the actual one. Appsolut Guild Master Richard Paulson personally watches the training of 30 elite guild members who play.

You think it’s an event game? What can you do with such a rotten mind? The Masked Mercenaries you must deal with are the elite who attacked the underground kingdom of Blahak. The strongest Apsolut guild among teenage guilds? If you want to be worthy of that name, train yourself as if you’re dead. Otherwise, you’ll be humiliated.”

The members of the Apsolut guild bend their heads.

He gives a challenging look as if he doesn’t have one.

spin on

Nat Harry Bertrand of the Deputy Guild Chief Judge says, chasing Richard Paulson.

I’ve become so arrogant since I got my armor back from the monarch.”

Thirty elite guild members who participated in the final quest with 400 dead bodies in the World.

Those who participated in the bell quest will participate in the event.

It has changed a lot since the monarch returned the weapon and regained the power of the past. They are bragging as if they were chosen.


I don’t think so.”

Has it improved?”

Looking at Harry Bertrand.

I admit the mercenary has become stronger, but…….”

“Yes, Master.”

It also started selling at auction. I heard that there are quite a lot of red knight corpses that are being sold. What do you think that means?”

Richard Paulson looks at Harribertland as if he’s pathetic.

It means, okay? Until then, the Masked Prince had only hunted a few and supplied them to the dusk workshop. Recently, the monarch of the mask has never been to the Iron Mountains.”

Look at Paulson.

Is it possible to target the enemy?”

“It’s not a big deal. How many people are going to die? Even if two engineering colleges attack, the results will not change. But the mercenaries are targeting the enemy. Without a single death. Can you guess what I mean now? It means the mercenaries have already jumped over the teenage guild.”

Chad Paulson shakes his head.

Several members of the U.S. military have surpassed my level, including Baekjeong of the U.S. Army, have surpassed my level.”


Go? Why? For what reason? What he says must be true. Listen. If you’re already there, the mercenaries have jumped over the Appsolut guild in terms of level, equipment, and skills. So wake up and train the guild members.”

“You could lose the game. But if you get humiliated, you and everyone else will have to be prepared.”

I am going.

Richard Paulson laughs bitterly. Guild members are not the only ones caught in the event.

I’m not doing anything.

Determination is the longest ten guild masters.

**Dusk workshop.

Point and laugh loudly.

Yoon Sang-hyuk checks his chest as an emotional skill and nods his head.

“It’s not enough to say great. Praise this twilight blacksmith!”

I think I’m becoming more and more of a kid.”

Lee Chul-woo looks at his chest with a proud look.

It’s a chest pack. Lee Chul-woo did some work on it. As a result, physical defense has increased by 100 compared to before work.

“I got Michael’s help.”

Dissolve the scales of and coat the chest with them. The scale of the twin-head drake was harder than the Adamantium, which forms the body of a black knight.

It’s not melting. Special additives must be used to dissolve them, which seem to be fused with the help of Michael Chang, the master of alchemy.

Winning. Coating all defenses to gloves, boots, and corvina will greatly increase your defense.

Will it take a long time to do you think so?”


Deukgo says.

Max Level Returner - Chapter 119 - Novel Translate (2024)


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