This Day, July 6, In Jewish History by Mitchell A and Deb Levin Z"L – All #ourCOG News (2024)

July 6

1189: HenryII, King of England, passed away.Compared to those who followed him to the throne, Henry’s treatment ofhis Jewish subjects was comparatively benign. (The emphasis is on“comparatively.”) Henry levied twospecial taxes on the Jewish community designed to finance the next Crusade tothe Holy Land. The tax of 1188 included60,000 pounds on the Jews of London, one fourth the community’s wealth. All the Christians of England were requiredto cough up a mere 10,000 pounds. Much to the consternation of some Churchleaders, Henry discouraged Jews from converting to Christianity. The wealth of dead Jews became the propertyof the crown. These Jewish estates couldbe of such value that when Aaron of Lincoln passed away, “Henry found itnecessary to set up a special branch of his Exchequer, named the ScaccariumAaronis, with no function other than processing his immense estate.”

1189: Richard the Lionheart becomes King of Englandfollowing the death of his father. Hiscoronation would not take place until September at which time a delegation ofJews bringing gifts for the monarch would be denied access and be beaten byEnglish officials. Richard did takeaction to protect his Jewish subjects when they were threatened. Unfortunately, Richard spent only theequivalent of one year of his ten year reign in England. During his absence, the Jews would suffer atthe hands of English leaders including Richard’s brother and successor Prince,and later King, John

1253: Mindaugas is crowned king of Lithuania,reportedly the first ruler to hold this title. There was a Jewish presence inLithuania at this time, since small numbers of Jewish merchants probably beganarriving in Lithuania during the 12th century. They were followed byothers of their co-religionists who were fleeing persecution brought on by theCrusades and the Black Death. Large number of Jews would not begin arriving inLithuania until the frist decades of the 13th centuries when theywere invited to settle there by Gediminas.

1348: Pope Clement VI issued a Papal Bullprotecting Jews during the Black Plague. “Clement VI reigned during the BlackDeath. This pandemic swept through Europe (as well as Asia and the Middle East)between 1347 and 1350. It is believed to have killed between a third and twothirds of Europe's population…Popular opinion blamed the Jews for the plague,and pogroms erupted throughout Europe. Clement issued two papal bulls in 1348which condemned the violence and said those who blamed the plague on the Jews hadbeen ‘seduced by that liar, the Devil.’ He urged clergy to take action toprotect Jews, but the orders appeared to have little effect, and thedestruction of whole Jewish communities continued until 1349.” These events are described in ADistant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century by the Jewish historian Barbara Tuchman.

139l: In Valencia, the criers whom Prince Martin sent “sent aroundproclaiming that the Jews were under the crown’s protection” were “revoked”today, three days before the Jews of Valenciawere attacked.

1476: Abraham benSolomon Conat a Jewish printer, Talmudist, and physician, printed Tur OrahHayyim by Jacob b. Asher at Mantua, Italy. Jacob ben Asher, alsoknown as Ba'al ha-Turim, was born in Cologne, Germany around 1269 and probablydied in Toledo, Spain in 1343. He was an influential Medieval rabbinicauthority who is often referred to as the Baal ha-Turim' ("Master of theRows"), after his main work in halachah the Arba'ah Turim ("FourRows"). The work was divided into 4 sections, each called a"tur," alluding to the rows of jewels on the High Priest'sbreastplate. He was the third son of Asher ben Jehiel (known as the"Rosh"), a German-born Rabbi who moved to Spain.”

1496: “The Mantuancourt painter Mantegna” began work on “devotional painting” known as The Madonna della Vittoria which waspaid for by Daniele da Norsa, a Jewish banker per the command of SigismondoGonzaga

1609: Bohemiais granted freedom of religion in the same year as that in which Rabbi JudahLoew ben Bezalel also known as the Maharal, one of the most famous Jewishscholars and educators from Prague passed away. “Rabbi Loew published more than50 religious and philosophical books and became the center of legends, as themystical miracle worker who created the Golem. The Golem is an artificial manmade of clay that was brought to life through magic and acted as a guardianover the Jews. The Maharal had positive relations with Rudolph II and was eveninvited to his castle.

1625: RabbiYom-Tov Lipman Heller is placed in prison along with common criminals in aVienna jail after having been wrongfully convicted of abusing his authority asChief Rabbi of Prague.

1707(6thof Tammuz, 5467): Rabbi Samuel ben Alexander “a resident ofFrankfort-on-the-Oder who wrote PeriMegadim passed away today.

1708: AbrahamHaim de Lucena,, whose last name might indicate that his family had come fromLucena, the son of Abraham Lucena and the husband of Rachel Lucena who hadsupplied the American expedition during Queen Anne’s War became “a freeman”today in New York City.

1758: ClementXIII was elected Pope. During his reign,Clement “proclaimed that the Holy See had examined the grounds on which restedthe belief in the use of human blood for the feast of Passover and murder ofChristians by Jews, and the Jews must be condemned as criminals in respect ofthe charge, but that in the case of such occurrences legal forms of proof mustbe used.” (As reported by Graetz)

1771(24thof Tammuz, 5531): Parashat Pinchas chanted on the same day that Austria gainedthe Bukovina District from the Ottomans with a treaty signed today during theRusso-Turkish War.

1777: Today,in New York, Haym Salomon married fifteen-year-old Rachel Franks the mother ofEzekiel Salomon, Sallie (Salomon) Andrews, Deborah (Salomon) Cohen and HaymMoses Salomon.”

1780: “TheRoyal Proclomation published in the Georgia Gazette” today described Savannahborn Mordecai Sheftall, the long-time supporter of liberty from England “as a‘Great Rebel.’”

1794: InBerlin Stadt, Brandenburg, Preussen, Amalie and Jacob (Yehuda) Herz Beer gavebirth to Heinrich (Henoch) Hans Beer.

1795(19th ofTammuz, 5555): Judith Gompertz, the daughter of Barent Gompertz and RachelBenjamin Isaac passed away after which she was buried in the Lauriston RoadJewish Cemetery.

1796:Birthdate of Nicholas I, Czar of Russia from 1825 until his death in 1855. In the case of the Nicholas there wasconsistency in his behavior as Czar and his treatment of the Jews. In both instances he was a narrow-minded,reactionary, despot who was so incompetent that he led Russia to disaster inthe Crimean War. As a totalitarian dictator, Nicholas was fully responsible forall of his action aimed at his Jewish subjects.These included but were not limited toexpulsion from a variety of cities including Kiev; the drafting ofunder-age Jewish boys for twenty-five years of military service; the banning ofbeards and a sidelocks for men and banning of women shaving their heads at thetime of marriage; the banning of Yiddish; censorship and destruction of Jewishbooks. And this list does not includethe mistreatment of the general populace with such measures as theestablishment of a secret police system designed to stamp out any manifestationof democracy or Western values.

1797(12thof Tammuz, 5557): Sixty-one-year-old Colonel Mordecai Sheftall the Savannahborn son of Benjamin and Perla Sheftall whose family founded CongregationMickve Israel and who was both an observant Jew, ardent patriot and the highestranking Jewish officer in the Continental Army who raised five children –Shetall, Benjamin, Moses, Perla and Esther – with his wife Frances passed awaytoday.

1797(12th ofTammuz, 5557): Sixty-one-year-old Mordecai Sheftall the husband of Frances Hartwhom he married in Charleston, SC, passed away today after which he was buriedin the Savannah (GA) Jewish Cemetery.

1798: As theFrench Army moved to supplant the English in the eastern Mediterranean infighting that would take them to Biblical cites in Palestine, General Desaixmarched his division to within fifteen miles of Alexandria while Bonaparte leftthe city heading for Cairo.

1798: Thirty-nine-year-old Paris born attorney andFrench revolutionary Adrien Francois Duport who in 1791 “proposed that the Jewsbe accorded all the privileges of citizenship in France, and the suggestion wasadopted despite some slight opposition” passed away today.

1806: TheAssembly of Jewish Leaders was scheduled to meet in Paris.

1821:Birthdate of Leone Levi, the Italian born British barrister and author whoseworks included Work and Pay; Wages and Earnings of the Working Classes; andInternational Law, with Materials for a Code

1832: DavidLopez began serving as “a Lieutenant of Artillery” in the United States Army.

1839:Birthdate of Bavaria native Leopold Henry Levy, who came to New Orleans at theage of 10, married Reinga F. Lengsfield in 1870 and eventually moved to St.Louis where he was vice president of The Hub Furniture Company, a member of theUnited Jewish Charities Association and the father of three children – Charles,Lucille and Nellie.

1840: JesseSeligman was one of the steeragepassages who arrived at Castle Garden today

1846: LordPalmerston began his term of Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs duringwhich the British blockaded the port ofPiraeus as part of the response to Greece’s abuse of David Pacifico, whomPalmerston defended as this “man of Jewish persuasion” and on whose be he “madea celebrated speech which concluded that all British subjects ought to be ableto say, as did citizens of ancient Rome, "Civis Romanus sum" ("Iam a citizen of Rome"), and thereby receive protection from the Britishgovernment.”

1841: InCanterbury, England, Nathan Jacobs and Hannah Barnard gave birth to SophiaJacobs today.

1844(19thof Tammuz 5604): On the same day that Parashat Pinchas was read, the second round of Nativist Riots begantoday in Philadelphia.

1846:Birthdate of Baden-Württemberg, Germany native Albert Cahn, a graduate of WestChester College the commander of Company H of the 135th IndianaVolunteers during the Civil War and the husband of Ella Katzenberg Cahn whom*oved to St. Louis where he was “a senior of member of the Cahn, Brothers,” oneof the leading clothing establishments in the United States.

1847(22nd ofTammuz, 5607: Baltimore community leader David Israel Cohen passed away at theage of 48.

1849:Birthdate of Julius Sachs, the native of Baltimore who founded Sachs CollegiateInstitute in 1872 (now the Dwight School) which he served until 1902 when hebecame a Professor of Education at Columbia University’s Teachers College andthe husband of Rosa Goldman, the daughter of Marcus Goldman of “Goldman-Sachs”with whom he had one son, Ernest Sachs.

1851: Two daysafter he passed away, 20-year-old Morris Joseph was buried today at the BallsPond Road Jewish Cemetery.

1853: BerthaPhillips, a 20-year-old German Jewess was tried on charges of having stolen two$20 gold pieces from Mrs. Schufeldt, a co-religionist with whom she had beenliving before the the theft. An additional testimony as to the defendant’sguilt was provided by another Jew. Before the case went to the jury, one of thejurors who was Jewish asked if both of the witnesses were Jewish. At first the judge refused to provide theinformation since he said that the court had no right to pry into their creed orbeliefs. At which point another juror,who was also Jewish, said that he would not believe a word the Jewish witnesseshad to say unless they were sworn in again using a copy the Hebrew Bible. Thejudge accepted the request; rewswore the witnesses who testified again. The jury found the defendant guilty of grand larceny without even havingto leave the jury box. Miss Phillips wassentenced to two years in the state penitentiary and was led away in tears.

1853: InFranfurt am Main, Jakob Gustav Adam Flesch and Florentine Flesch gave birth toKarl Flesch.

1853 MossDefries married Flora Lyons today.

1854: TheRepublican Party is officially created in Jackson, Michigan. Several Jews would play an active an activepart in the early days of the Republican Party, including the uncle of SupremeCourt Justice Louis Dembitz Brandeis, who placed Lincoln’s name in nominationfor President in 1860. By July of 2009,thanks to the defeat of Senator Norm Coleman and the party switch of SenatorArlen Spector, there are no Jewish Republican U.S. Senators.

1857: TheNew York Times reported that The House of Commons voted to amend the OathsBill so as to prevent from holding any office belonging to the EcclesiasticalCourts or any other office that “wield influence in the affairs of the church.”

1859: InWarsaw, “Benjamin Jacob and Rica (Cantor) Planko” gave birth to Mendel Planko,the husband of Sarah Ravich who came to the United States in 1880, “settling inChicago” where he worked in the leather trade eventually becoming“Superintendent of Neilson Brothers, manufacturers of fancy leather.”

1859: InBavaria, Seligman Sonn and Bella Heineman gave birth to R.A. Sonn, the husbandof Dora Fried and author of a Hebrew primer, Or Chodesh who settled in Atlanta,GA.

1860: MichaelSamuel Schlesinger, who with his wife Annie had seven children was buried todayat the Balls Pond Road Jewish Cemetery.

1861: Englisharchivist and historian Sir Francis Palgrave, the son Jewish stockbroker MeyerCohen and his wife Rachel Levien Cohen who changed his name from FrancisEphraim and became an Anglican, apparently as a condition of his marriage toElizabeth Turner in 1823 passed away today.

1861: Inresponse to an order issued today by the U.S. Secretary of War, Colonel MaxFriedman organized the 65th Regiment of the Fifth Cavalry, known as“Cameron Dragoons made up of ten companies from Philadelphia and two companiesfrom Pittsburgh which included a large number of Jewish volunteers.

1862: InPortland, Oregon, “the first Hebrew benevolent association” which had beenorganized by the leaders of Congregation Beth Israel was reorganized today.

1863: Inissuing orders about the status of the recently conquered city of Vicksburg,General Logan states that the city will be a military outpost and not a tradingcenter. He complained that when Memphishad been captured and turned into a trading center “the Jews and the rebelcitizens of that pestilent city” had turned into “a grand depot of smugglers.”[Editor’s note – This is not the first or the last derogatory comment thatUnion generals serving in the West made about Jews. This is strange when one consider the numberof Jews who were there comrades in arm including Major General FrederickKnefler and General Edward S. Salomon whom Sherman called “one of the mostdeserving officers.”

1864(2ndof Tammuz, 5624): Forty-three-year-old Viennese chemist Theodor Wertheim who“was the father of gynecologist Ernst Wertheim passed away today.

1865:Eleven-year-old Thomas Burns who “was shot in the hand with a pistol” was“taken to the Jew’s Hospital” which was founded in 1852 by Sampson Simpson inresponse to the discrimination against Jews by other hospitals, but broaden itspatient base during the Civil War when it became a major place of treatment forUnion soldiers, and which is now known as Mt. Sinai Hospital

1866: BenjaminDisraeli begins his third term as Chancellor of the Exchequer replacing hisnemesis, William Gladstone.

1870: SimonHenry Russell married Catherine Levy in London today.

1871(17thof Tammuz, 5631): Tzom Tammuz

1871: In London,Abraham Israel Mendoza, the London born son of Bilha and Israel Mendoza and Hiswife Maria Mendoza, gave birth to Mordecai Mendoza who Anglicized his name toMark

1872(30thof Sivan, 5632): Sixty-six-year-old Ludwig F. Frankel the native of Berlin whobecame a physician in 1830 and whoserved as chief physician of the water-cure hospital in Berlin from 1848until he resigned in 1867 to devote himself to his private practice passed awaytoday.

1872: Clothingstore owner Levi Mastbaum and Franny Mastbaum gave birth to Wharton graduateJules Ephraim Mastbaum.

1873: Two daysafter he passed away, 32 year old Amsterdam native James de Jongh was buriedtoday at the Balls Pond Road Jewish Cemetery.

1875: SirJulius Vogel, the first Jewish Prime Minister of New Zealand completed hisfirst term in office.

1875: InWashington, DC, Phillip and Natalie Peyeser gave birth to Julius I. Peyeser, agraduate of Georgetown University a WW I veteran who was a successful lawyer,banker, an active member of the Jewish Community and the husband of MiriamPrince.

1876:Birthdate of investment banker Robert C. Schaffner, “the chairman of the boardof A.G. Becker and Co. who had one daughter, Katherine, with his wife Francesand who a supporter of Chicago’s Art Institute

1877(25thof Tammuz, 5637): Nineteen-day old Josephine Hellman, the daughter of Lena andLouis M. Hellman passed away today after which she was buried in New MountSinai Cemetery in Affton, MO.

1877: JamesGrady and William Henry were tried today at the Tombs Police Court today oncharges that they had assaulted “Jacob Herman, a German Jew who a runs a peanutand fruit stand.” The two were membersof the Battle Alley Gang and Herman had testified against them in a case heardthree days ago. When the two attackedHerman, they referred to him as that swearing Jew. At the end of the trial, Henry was sentencedto a month in the County Prison while Henry was “acquitted for lack ofevidence.”

1879: It wasreported today that the Jews of Romania had petitioned the Romanian governmentfor a revision to the Constitution that would guarantee them their rights ascitizens on the same footing as all other Romanians.

1882: InGoppingen, Germany, Emilie Fleischer, the “daughter of Bernhard Loeb Rosenthaland Jette Rosenthal and her husband Samuel Fleischer gave birth to Holocaustvictim Julius Fleisher the “husband of Irma Fleischer and father of ArnoldFleischer; Doris Sylvia* Hurst; Susanne Fleischer and Richard Fleischer.”

1882: Thefirst 14 members of BILU arrived from Russia at the port of Yaffa in what isnow the land of Israel. The letters BILU are the initials for the Hebrewexpression, "House of Jacob Let Us Rise and Go." BILU was formed byRussian students at the University of Khrakov who called for the activecolonization of the land. The students hired themselves out as agriculturallaborers at Mikve Yisrael. They believed it was possible to start a worldwidemovement to encourage settlement in Eretz Israel.

1882: SeveralRussian Jews who arrived at Castle Garden aboard the SS Newnham today willapparently not be staying in New York since they have tickets for destinationsin the American West.

1882:“Outrages On Jews In Manitoba” published today reported that a group of Jewswho had gone to work at Whitemouth were ferociously beaten by a band of men whopreviously been doing the work.

1883(1stof Tammuz, 5643): Rosh Chodesh Tammuz

1883: InPhiladelphia, Rebecca Goldfarb and Simon Bram gave birth to University ofPennsylvania and Medic-Chirurgical College trained medical doctor Israel Bram,the husband of Frances Evelyn Frances Silver who was director of the BramGoiter institute and a member of Rodeph Shalom Synagogue in Philadelphia.

1883: Thefuture King George V who had visited Jerusalem in 1882 and wrote in his diary“Its children (of the land of Israel) will come here from all over the worldand a new Jewish Nation will be resurrected in the Holy Land” and during whosereign the Balfour Declaration was issued was joined in matrimony to “Mary of Teck”today.

1883: “Murderof a Hebrew Merchant” published today reported that a reward of $1,500 has beenoffered for the man who killed H. Mias, a Jewish merchant living in Benivides.

1884: It wasreported today that the police in Vienna had difficulty restoring after a fightbroke out between the Social Democrats and a party of anti-Semites.

1884: InDemopolis, AL, Rachel Bernheim and Simon Mayer gave birth to Harvard graduateand Columbia Medical School trained orthopedic surgeon Leo Mayer, the husbandof Edith Heimann and starting in 1920 the assistant professor of orthopedicsurgery at New York Post Graduate School and Hospital who was also the actingchief of staff of the Joint Disease Hospital and the author of “50 monographsdealing with orthopedic subjects.”

1884: It wasreported today that the anti-Semitic rioters who were arrested at NijniNovgorod will have to be tried by court-martial because the civil courtsrefused to convict due to the anti-Semitic feelings prevalent among the Russianpeasants.

1885: InLouisville, KY, Alfred S. Brandeis, the son of Adolph and FrederickaBrandeis gave birth to Adele Brandeis,the niece of Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis.

1886:In Cincinnati, OH, Hannah Greeble and Abraham Miller gave birth to University of Cincinnati and the CincinnatiSchool of Jewish Philanthropy graduate Estelle Miller Sternberger, the wife ofHarry Sternberger with whom she had a daughter – Minette CathrynSternberger -- and Rabbi J. Max Weisswho was “a member of the National Council of Jewish Women, founding editor ofthe Jewish Women and a participant “in the First World Congress of Jewish Womenin Vienna while becoming an outspoken radio commentator, broadcasting onreligious New York City radio stations, including WLIB, WMCA and WQXR”

1886: InLyons, France, Gustave Bloch and his wife gave birth to Marc Bloch who gainedfame as an historian and educator. He held chairs at both StrasbourgUniversity and the Sorbonne. His works on French rural and feudal societybecame classics. In 1939, despite the fact that he was “overage” he enlistedin the French Army and fought the invading Germans.After the Frenchsurrendered to the Germans, he joined the Resistance where his specialty was inworking with secret codes. He was captured by the Nazis and torturedbefore being shot on June 16, 1944.

1887: Thefuneral of Jonas Heller, a Trustee of the Home for Aged and Infirm Hebrews isscheduled to be held today.

1887: AlbertWeinschenk a young German whose Christian wife had defied her family bymarrying him appears to have shot himself this evening after his mother-in-lawhad accused him of being a bigamist.

1887: In NewYork City, “Jacob and Mary “Bieber) Greenwald gave birth Columbia Universitytrained biochemist and Professor of Chemistry at NYU School of Medicine IsidorGreenwald, the husband of Alma Greenwald and the father of David Greenwald.

1888: Areception committee met at Meyer’s Hotel in Hoboken, NJ, in anticipation of thearrival of Rabbi Jacob Charif whose ship was due to dock on Saturday morning.Charif has been brought from Wilna by members of the United Society to provideleadership based on halachah for the ever growing population of immigrant Jewspopulating the Lower East Side.

1888: In NewYork City, Margarethe King and David Friedlander gave birth to award-winningsculptor Leo Friedland, the husband of Rhoda Leucher.

1889:Birthdate of George Berthold Samuelson, the native of Southport, England whowas on the early creators of the British movie industry who created G.B.Samuelson Productions.

1890: “AnEmpire’s Young Chief” published today provided a snapshot of conditions inGermany under the new Kaiser, Wilhelm II with a special emphasis on the role ofthe Jews who “in the New Berlin…occupy a more commanding and dominant positionthan they ever have had in any other important city the fall of a Jerusalem” –a situation that has given an excuse for the anti-Semites to preach theirincreasingly popular doctrine.

1891: Thefifty doctors assigned by the Board Health “to visit the tenement houses andlook after the sick children during the hot weather” met today SanitaryHeadquarters where they were given pamphlets written in several languagesincluding Hebrew as tickets “for the free excursions” sponsored by theSanitarium for Hebrew Children.

1891: It wasreported today that “a sizable tract of land” In Marlborough, Connecticut hasbeen purchased by the Baron de Hirsch Fund. Baron de Hirsch “has established…avery large fund that is to be used…for poor Jews who are being driven out of…Europe.”

1891: “TheJewish Immigrants” published today described the organization of efforts toprovide a civic education for the Russians arriving in St. Louis. The effort drew support from non-Jews as wellas Jews as can be seen by the fact that Dr. Ingraham of the spiritual leader ofGrace Episcopal Church was among those who attended the meeting and contributedthe three dollars which the annual dues of the nascent organization.

1892: “Theopening session of the third annual Central Conference of American Rabbis washeld” tonight at Temple Beth-El in New York City.

1892: Duringthe Homestead Strike, which would lead to an assassination attempt by AlexanderBerkman “a fight broke out between300 Pinkerton guards and a crowd of armed union workers” during which sevenguards and nine strikers were killed.”

1892:Birthdate of Polish native Jacob Selig Yellen who was raised in Buffalo NY andgained fame as lyricist and screenwriter Jack Yellen who wrote “Happy Days AreHere Again,” the 1920’s ditty that became the snappy theme song for FDR’spresidential campaigns during the depth of the Great Depression.

1893:Birthdate of John Charles Walker the agricultural scientist who won the WolfFoundation Prize in Agriculture in 1978.

1893: Clothingcontractors Solomon Wallach and Jacob Seidman were accused of today of tryingto break the United Garment Workers of American by firing union members andreplaced them with apprentices from the United Hebrew Charities.

1894:Birthdate of German native Siegfried Ullman, who came to the United States in1923 where he became a successful businessman and philanthropist who was of theAlbert Einstein College of Medicine and the Weizmann Institute In Israel

1894: Two daysafter he passed away, 74-year-old Jacob Lazarus was buried today at the WestHam Jewish Cemetery.

1894: InLittle Rock, AR, Ephraim and Sallie Lasker Simon gave birth to Harold FrederickEpstein, the brother of Clarence, Arnold and S. Lasker Epstein.

1895: In NewYork, on Shabbat, The Empire Life Insurance company obtained an order fromJustice Stover directing the officials of Washington Cemetery to permit theexhumation” of the body Annie Silverman, the widow of Wolf Silverman, as partof their legal campaign to avoid paying the death benefit to the beneficiary.

1895: Theodor Herzl wrote in his diary the following entrydescribing his conversation with Max Nordeau who would become one of theleaders of the Zionist movement. “Yesterday with Nordau, over a glass of beer.Also discussed the Jewish question, of course. Never before I had been in suchperfect tune with Nordau. Each took the words right out of the other's mouth. Inever had such a strong feeling that we belonged together. This has nothing todo with religion. He even said that there was no such thing as a Jewish dogma.But we are of one race. ...
Nordau said: "What is the tragedy of Jewry?" That this mostconservative of peoples, which yearns to be rooted in some soil, has had nohome for the last two thousand years.
We agreed on every point, so that I already thought that the same ideas had ledhim to the same plan. But he comes to a different conclusion: "TheJews", he says, "will be compelled by antisemitism to destroy amongall peoples the idea of a fatherland." Or, I secretly thought to myself,to create a fatherland of their own.”

1896: In aspeech at "The Maccabaeans," Herzl formulates the program of the"Society of Jews": According to Herzl, “The task of the Society ofJews is the acquisition according to international law of a territory for thoseJews who cannot assimilate."

1896:Twenty-year-old editor and publisher Carl Florian Zittel, the Patterson, NJborn son of Gustav and Bertha (Morgenthau) Zittel and nephew of AmbassadorHenry Morgenthau, who for nineteen years was the drama editor of the New YorkEvening Journal “and confidant of William Randolph Hurst” married MarthaBeatrice Bernstein today in Buffalo, NY.

1896: Thefuneral of Jules s. Abecasis will begin at 11 o’clock at Shearith Israel in NewYork.

1897: After itwas confirmed that Theodor Herzl wanted to hold a Zionist Congress in Munich,the Board of the Munich Jewish Community wrote to the General RabbinicalAssociation protesting against the Zionist movement.

1897:Birthdate of Victoria, BC native Viola Gutman Silver, the wife of Max A. Silverwho in 1904 move to Seattle where she was an officer in Hadassah and the JewishWelfare Socidty.

1898: It wasreported today that Dr. Richard J.H. Gottheil, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Dr.William Cowen, K.H. Sarsohn, Leon Zolollkoff and Dr. I.J. Bluestone have beennamed to serve as delegates at the upcoming Zionist Congress in Basel.

1898: InLeipzig, Professor of Philosophy Rudolf Eister who was Jewish and his wifeMarie Ida Eisler (née Fischer) who was gave birth to composer Hanns Eisler.Eisler moved to Berlin after World War I where his art flourished as did hisinvolvement in left-wing politics. Heleft Germany for the United States in 1933 where he became a leader ofanti-Nazi artists and where he pursued his composing career which included twoOscar nominations. After World War II hewas placed on the Black List and ended up returning to East Germany. Eisler fell afoul of the commissars inGermany. Five year after being deportedfrom the United States because of his leftist political views, he was hauledbefore a German Communist tribunal where he was accused of not being loyal toSocialism, a charge from which his career and health did not recover.

1898(16thof Tammuz, 5658): Fifty-two-year-old Cornelius Herz who was involved in theinfamous Panama Scandal passed away today.

1898: With thecompletion of the mustering of the 3rd Regiment ConnecticutVolunteer Infantry into U.S. Service, Corporal Charles Lowenthal and PrivateFrederick Edward Cahn, both of New Haven were part of the Army that wasfighting Spain.

1899(28thof Tammuz, 5659): Forty-seven year old Moravian born Rabbi David Kaufmanpassed away today while serving as the chair “of history, philosophy ofreligion, and homiletics at the newly founded rabbinical school at Budapest.”

1899: BenjaminKossman completed three years of serving with the 6th Cavalry of theUnited States Army.

1899: As thedispute grew over how to honor the French officer who had been a cruel victimof anti-Semitism, a group of Jews sent a cable to Emile Zola looking foradvice: “American Jewish wish to present Captain Drefyus with a golden sword.[Send] answer [to[ Jewish Forwardwhether it will not help anti-Semitism.”

1899: BenjaminBlumental, the President of Rodoph Sholemand the father of Assistant District Attodrney Maruice B. Blumental wassworn in today as a school inspector in the 24th District afterhaving served as School Inspector in the Fourth District for fifteen years.

1899(28th of Tammuz, 5659): David Kaufmann aJewish-Austrian scholar born at Kojetín, Moravia (now in the Czech Republic) in1852 passed away. A university professor and librarian, he was a prolificauthor whose works included studies in Jewish history, studies of synagogue artand polemics in defense of Judaism.

1900(9th ofTammuz, 5660): Gustav Born, the father of Max Born passed away today.

1901: OrthodoxJew William A. Pinkoson, the Krasnow born son of Leib and Libbe Pinkonson, theowner of a large, successful dry goods and clothing store in St. Augustine, FL andco-founder and secretary Congregation B’nai Israel today married MinnieTalinksy with whom he had four children – Harry, Libbie, Abe and Joseph.

1901: Theannual Conference of American Rabbis was scheduled to end today inPhiladelphia. Rabbi Harry H. Mayer had presented a paper to the meeting on“Sabbath School Problem.” The conferencewill reconvene at New Orleans in April of 1902

1902: It wasreported today that “all the Jews engaged in the iron ore and coal miningindustries in the Government of Ekaterinoslaf, Russia are, pursuant to agubernatorial edict, and during the course of the current month to be expelledfrom their employment” which will have an “affect” on between 40,000 and 50,000Jews.

1903: It wasreported today that Dr. Joseph Seffs has been chosen temporary head of thenewly formed “central organization, called the United Zionists of Greater NewYork’ which was created by “representatives from sixty-five Zionists in NewYork City.”

1904: SamuelUntermeyer was among the delegates attending the Democratic Party NationalConvention which opened today in St. Louis, MO.

1905: AlfredDeakin becomes Prime Minister of Australia for the second time. As can be seenfrom his relationship with the Sir Isaac Alfred Isaacs Deakin had no problemwith working with Jews

1905: InAustralia, Sir Isaac Alfred Isaacs was appointed attorney-general. The son ofRussian-Polish immigrants, Isaacs’ successful political and legal career wouldeventually lead to him being named Governor-General.

1905:Birthdate of Brussels native Augstine Lorge who married dramatist Claude Spaakand became Suzanne Spaak, the lady of luxury who joined the joined LeopoldTrepper’s “Red Orchestra and saved 163 Jewish children from sent to the deathcamps before being captured, tortured and murdered by the Nazis – actions forwhich she recognized by Yad Vashem as a Righteous Among the Nations.

1905: SimonWolf, the Chairman of the Board of Delegates on Civil and Religious Rights ofthe Union of American Hebrew Congregations sent a communication to PresidentRoosevelt expressing the members sorrow “at the death of the late Secretary ofState John Hay.”

1906: It wasreported today that Rabbi Morris Goldberg has been chosen to head the Brothersof Israel Congregation replaced Rabbi Elitzer who is moving to Troy, NY.

1907:Birthdate of Mexican painter, feminist and social rebel, Frida Kahlo.

1907: At the18th annual convention of the Central Conference of American Rabbisservices were led by Rabbis Leo Mannheimer and Mayer Messing, with a sermondelivered by Rabbi Marcus Salzman followed by the Rabbi Martin Zielonka’sclosing prayer and benediction.

1907: Thisevening, at the 18th annual convention of the Central Conference ofAmerican Rabbis, Rabbi Samuel Schulman led a Round Table Discussion on “OurAttitude Toward Liberal Independent and Other Modern Religious Movements” andRabbi Abram Simon led a Round Table Discussion on “The Most Suggestive BookRead During the Year.”

1908: “RabbiCriticizes Hospital” published today described the complaints Dr. H. PereiraMendes the Rabbi at Sherith Israel Synagogue and President of the Union ofOrthodox Jewish Congregations of the United States of America had about Mt.Sinai Hospital and “several institutions which hare supported and controlled byJews” which are not being operated in a manner that the “observant Hebrews whoaid in their support would have them” as can be seen by their failure to serverKosher meat to their patients and residents.

1908: O. RaymondBrown received $136.80 from the National Conference of Jewish Charities today.

1908:Birthdate of New York City native Rayle Schupper, “the head of the Women’sDivision of the American Jewish Committee, who, as a member of Committee’sforeign affairs department attended “the founding meeting of the United Nationsat San Francisco in 1945” after which she “helped to establish the EuropeanOffice of the American Jewish Committee in Paris.”

1908: TheKremo Family, a famous troupe of European acrobats are scheduled to opentonight at Hammerstein’s Roof Garden, where patrons have been previously by “anautomatic butter churn operated by a treadmill run by a collie.”

1909(17th ofTammuz, 5669): Tzom Tammuz

1909: TheTrenton Evening Times reported that Rabbi Morris Goldberg of Camden New Jerseywas chosen to succeed Rabbi Elitzer as head of the Brothers of IsraelCongregation.

1910:Nineteen-year-old Isaac Isidore, the second born son of Sarah and SolomonLIfsh*tz who was “traveling un the name Fzko Lifschitz” arrived in New Yorktoday about the SS Litunania

1910: As oftoday, the officers of the Central Conference of American Rabbis are “HonoraryPresident, Kaufman Kohler; President Max Heller; Vice President SamuelSchulman; Treasurer Moses J. Gries; Recording Secretary Julian Morganstern; andCorresponding Secretary Ephraim Frisch.

1911:Birthdate of Berlin native Rudolf “Rudi” Fehr whose film editing creditsincluded at least two Hollywood classics – “Key Largo” and “Dial M For Murder.

1912:Birthdate of “American movie producer and screenwriter Milton Speriling.”

1912: TheSummer Olympics, during which Jacques Ochs whose teammates included fellow JewGaston Salomon, won a gold medal in the team épée event opened today in Stockholm.

1913(1stof Tammuz, 5673): Rosh Chodesh Tammuz

1913: OnChicago’s south side, Congregation Beth Jacob is scheduled to dedicate theirnew Temple “at the corner of 44th Street and St Lawrence Avenue.”

1913: Afterattending services at Beth Israel Temple which were led by Rabbi WilliamLowenburg as part of yesterday’s observance of Shabbat, the Conference ofAmerican Rabbis was scheduled to resume its regular meetings this morning atAtlantic City, NJ.

1914: Dr.Isaac Husik of Philadelphia is in charge of the courses being offered in Jewishhistory and literature for the first time “at the summer session of ColumbiaUniversity which opened this morning.

1914(12thof Tammuz, 5674): Seventy-year-old Max Weyl, the Germanborn son Emma Miriam and Veit Hirsch who in 1853 moved to Williamsport,PA where he learned to repair watches and clocks before moving to Washington,D.C. where he became a jeweler and landscape painter passed away today.

1914: It wasreported today that Rabbi Milton M. Markowitz “of the Jewish TheologicalSeminary has been chosen” to fill the pulpit at “Congregation Keneseth Israel”one of several new congregations that have been formed in the last few years inWashington Heights.

1915: “AlfredA Wilson, an American engineer who arrived in” New York City today “from Egyptand Palestine sad that…the Turkish Governor of Jerusalem had treated the Jewsvery harshly” and that “they had either to become Turkish subjects or leave thecountry” while “Americans and other foreigners in Jerusalem…were not botheredin any way by the German or Turkish officials.”

1915: InLondon, Madge (Mitchell) and Bertie Joseph gave birth to Yvonne Frances Joseph,who gained fame as actress Yvonne Mitchell who also had a career as aplaywright whose most famous work was “The Same Sky.”

1916: The listof the newly elected officers of the Federation of American Zionists publishedtoday included “Dr. Harry F. Friendenwald, Baltimore, President; Louis Lipsky,New York, Chairman of the Executive Committee; Louis Robinson, New York,Treasurer; and Bernard A. Rosenblatt, New York, Honorary Secretary.”

1916:Birthdate of Dr. Albert Dorfman, the holder of a PhD in Chemistry and an MDfrom the University of Chicago and a WW II Army Veteran who “discovered thecause of Hurler’s Syndrome and who was the husband of the former Ethel Steinmanand the father of Abby and Julie Dorfman.

1917(17thof Tammuz, 5677): Parshat Balak; Tzom Tammuz not observed because of Shabbat

1917(17thof Tammuz, 5677): Forty-two-year-old Ben S. Sandfelder, the son of HannahSandler of St. Louis passed away “suddenly” today.

1917(17thof Tammuz, 5677): Rabbi Samuel Margolies, who had been injured in an automobileaccident along with his eleven-year-old son, passed away today after developingpneumonia while being treated from the effects of two broken ribs.

1917:Birthdate of Albert Abramson, the Bronx born Washingtonian who became asuccessful real estate promoter and “a principal force in the creation of theUnited States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.” (As reported by Douglas Martin)

1917: AtOnezki, near Kiev, “a conspiracy by the Black Hundreds to fabricate accusationsof ritual murder” were exposed.

1917: InRussia, at Homel, the militia discovered lists of those “marked for immediateattack” in the houses of members of the Black Hundreds.

1918: Thirty-eight-year-oldJohn P. Mitchell passed away today. Atage 34, the Roman Catholic Mitchell who courted the Jewish vote and attendednumerous Jewish functions was elected Mayor of New York. He was part of a Fusion Ticket made up ofreformers fighting the Tammany Machine. The reformers were an amalgam ofProtestants, Republicans and uptown Republicans.

1918:Birthdate of Charles Aikenbaum who was shipped to Auschwitz in 1943.

1918: “A drivefor recruits for the Jewish legion that is to garrison Palestine” under theleadership of Dr. Hyman Morrison “was started in New England today as part ofthe national campaign conducted under the direction of the Jewish PalestineLegion Committee.”

1919: “MmeL.C. de Gozdawa-Turezynowicz, the National Commissioner of Charities forLithuania arrived in New York aboard the SSBaltic today and said that “Lithuania has truly a democratic cabinetincluding a Catholic, a free thinker, a Socialist and a Jew” which indicatesthat conditions for Jews in the newly independent country was an improvementover their status when Lithuania was a province of the Russian Empire.

1920: In the UK, dedication of the London JewishHospital

1920: Themeeting of the Central Conference of American Rabbis which began on June 28 atRochester, NY, is scheduled to come to an end today.

1920: TheLondon County Council adopted a policy of not employing aliens, which wasaimed, in part at Jews who had immigrated from Russia by a vote of 50 to 38with four of the positive votes coming “Jewish Municipal Reformers – DavidDavis, Major H.B. Lewis-Barned, Percy Simmons and Oscar Warburg.

1920: “UnderCrimson Skies,” a silent movie filmed by cinematographer Phil Rosen wasreleased today in the United States.

1921(30th ofSivan, 5681): Rosh Chodesh Tammuz

1921(30thof Sivan, 5681): Professor Morse Ascoli passed away today in Rome.

1921: Dr.Joseph H. Hertz, the Chief Rabbi of the British Empire arrived in Vancouverwhere he would have visited Schara Tzedeck and the Hadassah chapter founded in1920.

1923: GrigoriYakovlovich Sokolnikov ended his terms as People’s Commissar for Finance of theRSFSR and began serving as People’s Commissar for Finance of the USSR.

1924: It wasreported today, that according to Samuel A. Goldsmith, Director of the Bureauof Jewish Social Research, the “Jews of America” spent “about $25,000,000 lastyear for “philanthropic and charitable endeavors” and of his total “12,250,000was raised for local charitable organizations.”

1924: “EuropeIs Now Finding Work To Keep The Jews at Home” published today described effortsto provided training and job opportunities forJews in Central and Eastern Europe led by ORT which is becomingincreasingly crucial given the closing of the immigration door in the UnitedStates.

1925: Werner“Heisenberg gave Max Born a paper entitled Über quantentheoretische Umdeutungkinematischer und mechanischer Beziehungen ("Quantum-TheoreticalRe-interpretation of Kinematic and Mechanical Relations") to review andsubmit for publication. In the paper, Heisenberg formulated quantum theory,avoiding the concrete, but unobservable, representations of electron orbits byusing parameters such as transition probabilities for quantum jumps, whichnecessitated using two indexes corresponding to the initial and final states´(I have no idea what this means)

1926: “TheZionist Organization of America made a sharp rejoinder today to the attack madeupon its leaders and members by the Joint Distribution Committee which chargedthe Zionists with deliberately attempting to wreck the $25,000,000 UnitedJewish Campaign conducted by the Joint Distribution Committee and affiliatedrelief organizations.”

1927: AtAsbury Park, NJ, those attending the 27th annual convention of theRabbinical Assembly of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America are scheduledto discuss “the function and scope of the proposed Rabbinical AssemblyCommittee on Jewish Law…in an executive session.”

1928: “KosherPlant to Receiver” published today described the impact of the “petition inbankruptcy” which has been filed against The Hebrew National Kosher SausageFactory by Alter M. Brody and Isidor Zimmerman.

1929: It wasreported today that “Minority stockholders of the Judea Industrial Corporation,of which Municipal Court Justice Jacob S. Strahl of Brooklyn is president, havebrought suit before Supreme CourtJustice John L. Walsh to enjoin seventeen officers and directors of thecorporation and subsidiaries , the Judea Insurance Company, Ltd., of Palestineand the Judea Life Insurance Company of New York from increasing the capitalstock of the Judea Life Insurance Company from $150,000 to $1,000,000.”

1929: FranzWerfel, the Prague born author marred Alma Mahler, the widow of Gustav Mahler,today.

1930: WilliamWeintraub announced today that the nine Jewish parochial schools which have adeficit of $500,000 have combined their money-raising efforts of the UnitedYeshiva Chest.

1931(21stof Tammuz, 5691): Eighty-two-year-old German born Julius Feiss the formerpresident of Cleveland Federation of Jewish Charities and chairman of the boardof Joseph and Feiss and Company where ge was “a pioneer in the men’s clothingindustry in Cleveland passed away today.

1932: At theirmeeting in Vienna today, “the world executive of the Agudath Israel declined toaccept the invitation of the American Jewish Congress to participate in aconference in Geneva to discuss the feasibility of constituting a world Jewishcongress.

1932: In NewYork, Rabbi Zvi Hersch Kohn the Hungarian born son of R' Chaim Hanoch HaKohen and Yitta FeigeKohn and his wife Leah Sternberg Kohn gave birth to Pnina Betty Hacohen.

1933(12thof Tammuz, 5693): Fifty-five-year-old Elizabeth “Lizzie” Rosenthal Feinberg,the Polish born daughter of Louis and Rebecca Goldstein Rosenthal and the wifeof Moses Feinberg who buried in the Montefiore Cemetery after she passed awaytoday in New York.

1934: TheTurkish government stated the expulsion of the Jews from the Dardanelles hadbeen due to a misinterpretation of a law. The government declared it wouldpunish the officials found to be responsible, and that the Jews would be givenredress.

1934: TheNational Convention of Young Judaea and the annual Central Tri-State Region of Young Judaea arescheduled to begin today in Cincinnati.

1935:U.S.premiere of “Escapade” a romantic comedy co-starring Luise Rainer with a scriptby Herman J. Mankiewicz.

1936: InSwitzerland, in the Jewish cemetery at Veyrier, the President of theInternational Association of Journalists accredited to the League of Nationsspoke at the funeral of “Stephen Lux, the Czech journalist who killed himselfin the League of Nations Assembly to call attention to the misery of Jews.”

1936: It wasreported today that “for the duration of the Olympic Games, the German people”are ordered by the Nazis to adopt “a special regimen” including giving “upreading Herr Streicher’s newspaper stories about how Jews kill little childrenfor Passover…”

1936: MajorHenry A. Proctor, a Member of Parliament, told delegates attending the meetingof Zionist Organization of America in Providence, RI that “the great danger toZionism…was not in Britain’s possible stand in the Arab difficulty” because“the Arabs will not succeed in London or in Palestine but there is a dangerthat they will succeed in weakening the morale of American Zonists.”

1936: “Dr.Stephen S. Wise expressed gratification tonight at his election to thepresidency of the Zionist Organization of America” saying “he viewed ‘theunanimity of the summons as a promise of genuine support by all groups with theZionist movement.’”

1936: The Palestine Post reported that therewere 314 cases of ptomaine poisoning in numerous bomb-throwing and shootingincidents throughout the country. Three Jewish laborers were wounded nearNablus, and a watchman was hurt near Kiryat Anavim. An Arab was killed andthree wounded in an encounter with British troops in Hebron.

1937: InGorky, Jewish pianist and composer David Ashkenazi and his non-Jewish wife gavebirth to pianist and conductor Vladimir Ashkenazy.

1937: In aninterview given today on the day before his 77th birthday, AbrahamCahan “talked of how the world looks to him fifty-five years after he came” tothe United States “and concluded that England, France and the United Stateswere rapidly putting into operation today the very measures he advocated as asocialist a long time ago.”

1938:President Roosevelt called for an international conference to consider the"displaced persons" problem. The negligible results highlight thepassive role the Western world in the face of the Nazis. . Roosevelt's aims,some say, are to deflect American Jewish appeals to help the German Jews. Asidefrom Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, which want enormous sums of moneyto allow a small number of Jews to immigrate, the 32 nations attending theconference decide that they will not permit large numbers of Jews to entertheir countries.

1938(7thof Tammuz, 5698): Austrian born German producer Heinrich Nebenzahl, the fatherof Seymour Neenzahl and founder of Nero Film production company who fled toParis after the Nazis came to power passed away in France today.

1938(7th ofTammuz, 5698): Tuvia Dounia, the brother-in-law of Chaim Weizmann is one of thevictims of today’s outbreak of Arab violence in Haifa. Police found him slumpedover the wheel of the car he was driving with a bullet through his heart. Ofthe four passengers in the vehicle three escaped harm but one was seriouslywounded.

1938: “Bombsriots, and police action in various parts of Palestine today resulted in atleast twenty-three deaths and nearly a hundred less serious casualties.

1938: “Theimmediate problem of the great intergovernmental conference which opened” today“at Evian…is to find asylum for the political refugees forced out Germany andAustria by the policies of the National Socialist regime”

1939: The lastremaining Jewish enterprises in Germany were closed.

1940: Today,in Rumania, “Iron Guard leader Horia Sima, Minister of Culture…forbade Jewishactors and musicians to perform in public and prohibited the playing of Jewishsongs and music.”

1941(11th ofTammuz, 5701): Seventy-one-year-old German born oncologist Ferdinand Blumenthaldied in an air raid. After fleeing NaziGermany in 1933 Blumenthal went from Austria to Yugoslavia to a variety ofother locations before ending up in the Soviet Union where he taught before beinterred by the Communists.

1941: Today,Rabbi Samuel H. Goldenson of Temple Emanu-El is scheduled to officiate at thefuneral for 69-year-old theatrical producer Sam H. Harris which will beattended by “representatives of the theatrical, political and sports world.”

1941(11th ofTammuz, 5701): Lithuanian militiamen murdered 2,514 Jews in Kovno.

1941(11thof Tammuz, 5701): Forty-eight-year-old Sol Ullman, the son of Samuel and KateUlman and NYU Law School graduate and husband of “the former Esther Blau” withwhom he had two sons who served as a State Assemblyman and New York StateAssistant Attorney General passed away today.

1941: InLiepāja, Latvia, which had been conquered by the Nazis and where Jews werealready being massacred, “Werner Hartman, a German war correspondent, saw theWomen's Prison crammed so full of prisoners that there was no room for them tolie down.”

1941(11th of Tammuz, 5701): Elchonon Wasserman“a prominent rabbi and rosh yeshiva in pre-World War II Europe was murderedtoday by Lithuanians who were collaborators of the Nazis. Born in 1874, he wasone of the Chofetz Chaim's closest disciples and a noted Torah scholar. “Beforehe was taken” by his Lithuanian killers, “he gave this statement: ‘In Heaven itappears that they deem us to be righteous because our bodies have been chosento atone for the Jewish people. Therefore, we must repent now, immediately.There is not much time. We must keep in mind that we will be better offeringsif we repent. In this way we will save the lives of our brethren overseas. Letno thought enter our minds, God forbid, which is abominable, and which rendersan offering unfit. We are now fulfilling the greatest mitzvah. With fire she(Jerusalem) was destroyed and with fire she will be rebuilt. The very firewhich consumes our bodies will one day rebuild the Jewish people.’”

1942:Thefirst issue of Eynikeyt (Unity), a Yiddish-language journal of theSoviet Jewish Antifascist Committee, is published.

1942(21stof Tammuz, 5702): Seventy year old Gerson Rothschild, the son of Sophie andNathan Baruch Rothschild, the husband of Frances Rothschild and he tfather ofBessie, Myron and Sofia Rothschild passed away today after which he was buriedin the Riverdale Cemetery in Columbus, GA.

1942:Oneday after her sister Margot received her orders to report to a labor camp, AnneFrank and her families go into hiding in Amsterdam

1942: Bendin(Poland) ghetto uprising,

1942."The warning cry issued from Jews in Vilna spurred initial thoughts ofghetto revolts for thousands of young Jews, particularly members of theclandestine Zionist-pioneer youth movements. In ghettos such as Bialystok,Krakow, Bendin, Czestochowa, and Tarnow, rebellions and confrontations brokeout during the final deportations. These desperate acts of resistance testifiedto the triumph of the Jewish and human spirit and constituted both a cry forlife and a banner of hope for future generations."

1942: In NewYork, “Jewish American real estate developer Aaron Gural and Harriet Feil” gavebirth Rensselaer Polytechnic alum and “New York real estate developer” JeffreyGural, the brother of Jane and Barbara Gural and husband of “geologist PaulaGurel” with whom had three children

1942: Today,Jews in Sevastopol “were ordered to wear “white Stars of David.”

1943: “NazisSaid to Curb Catholic Prelates” published today described “a protest signed byall Cahtolic Bishops in the Reich against a Nazi party plan to extend thewearing of the Star of David to ‘mischlings,’ a Nazi terminology for theoffspring of a Jewish father and an ‘Aryan’ mother, or vice versa as well as topersons married to Jews.”

1944: In theUral Mountains, Czarna (née Zielinski) and Reuven “Ruwek” (Lewin) Levy gavebirth to their son Moshe with whom “they returned to Poznan, in Poland” beforemoving to Lodz in 1948.

1944: Twenty-four-year-oldAndrée Borrel a member of the French Resistance who later fought the Nazis as amember of the British SOE and her three compatriots were given lethalinjections at the Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp in the VosgesMountains of Alsace and then were burned alive in the camp’s incinerator.

1944:Birthdate of songwriter Claude-Michel Schönberg, the native of Vannes, whocreated the music for the hit Broadway shows “Les Misérables” and “Miss Saigon.”

1945: AdolfCardinal Bertram, the archbishop of Breslau whose refusal to speak out againstthe Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses, whose issuance of statement calling thewar with Poland “a holy war and whose sending of birthday greetings to AdolfHitler while the Germans were winning hardly squares with Time magazine’sdescription of him as an anti-Nazi, passed away today.

1946: U.S.premiere of “A Stolen Life” an American remake of an English film directed byCurtis Bernhardt with music by Max Steiner.

1946: Jewsfled Kiecle, Poland after being the victim of a pogrom

1947: Tonight,while addressing the closing session of the 50th annual conventionof the ZOA Republican Senator Owen Brewster of Maine and Democrat Senator JamesE. Murray “charged tonight that the State Departments has failed to actdefinitely and constructively in regard to Palestine.”

1948: A convoyarrives at Zion Square in Jerusalem carrying food for the starving city. The arrival seems to validate reports that anew road has been completed by the Jews fighting there from the coastal plainto the Judean hills.

1948(29thof Sivan, 5708): Fifty-five-year-old Bernard D. Rubin, the man behind theTootsie Roll who was also active in raising money for Jewish causes passed awaytoday.

1948: “The UNobservers had their first casualty with the death of the French ObserverCommandant Rene Labarriere, who had been wounded near the Afula area and laterdied in the Jewish Hospital at Afula.

1948: LucyMandelstam, who had been born in Vienna in 1926 and survived Theresienstadt andAuschwitz, makes Aliyah arriving in Haifa.

1949: Plansare about to be announced for the leaders of Jordan, Iraq and Cyrenaica to cometo London and meet with the Foreign Secretary at the same time that “all ofBritain’s ambassadors to countries of the Middle East” will be in the UK’scapital city.

1949(10thof Tammuz, 5709): Seventy-three-year-old Herman H. Pollak, the Ohio born son ofWilliam and Marie Lederer Pollak passed away today in Cook County after whichhe was buried at the Oa Woods Cemetery in Chicago.

1949: EmilSalomon, the executive director of the Tulsa Jewish Federation” wrote to Mr.Edwin Rosenberg, the President of the USNA that the Tulsa Jewish community“dared not increase its DP Unit quota beyond the 24 units” already agreed upon”because there were not jobs for additional “DP units.”

1950: Justafter the North attacked the South, Yaacov Shimoni, deputy director of FarEastern affairs in the Foreign Ministry, wrote a letter to Foreign MinisterMoshe Sharett asserting that the South Korean government was corrupt andoppressive whereas the North Korean one seemed cleaner and was more efficientand popular.7 In August 1960, however, the Foreign Ministry decided to makeevery effort to establish full diplomatic ties with South Korea. This was afterthe fall of the dictatorial regime of Syngman Rhee, who resigned his post andwent into exile in April 1961.

1950: InIsrael, hospital nurses went on strike demanding a 42-hour work week during thesummer months at government run hospitals.Private hospitals and those administered by trade unions have alreadyagreed to the demand and are not affected by the strike. Skeleton staffs had been left on duty toensure the health of patients

1951: The Jerusalem Post reported that afterall final registration demands were met, 16 political parties became entitledto compete in the Second Knesset elections. Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion wascheered wildly on his pre-election tour by more than 5,000 Migdal Ashkelon residents.He advised all persons between 20 and 40 years of age to learn to bear arms andassured the gathered crowds that their town would become the second port cityin the south of the country, after Eilat. Following the discovery of majorirregularities in the shoe industry, the authorities froze all stocks held byshoe manufacturers and ordered a strict shoe sales control throughout thecountry. Three persons were wounded in the Musrara Quarter of Jerusalem by Arabsnipers, aiming at Israeli passersby from the walls of the Old City.

1955: SandyKoufax gave up eight walks and lasted “only 4 and 2⁄3 innings” in his firststart as a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

1957:Birthdate of Detroit native Dr. Charlie Pruchno,

1958:Birthdate of Lena Gilbert, the go-to gal when you want something doneprofessionally or in the Jewish Community at Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

1959(30thof Sivan, 5719): Rosh Chodesh Tammuz

1962: EugeneFerkauf, the founder of the E. J. Korvette chain of discount department storesappeared on the cover of Timemagazine.,16641,19620706,00.html

1962(4thof Tammuz, 5772): Eighty-eight year Mrs. Bessie Thomashefsky, the “Queen of theYiddish Theatre and estranged wife of Boris Thomashefsky with whom she had twosons, Harry and Ted, passed away today in Los Angeles.

1962: OrvillePrescott’s review of The Slave by Isaac Bashevis Singer was publishedtoday.

1963(14thof Tammuz, 5723): Parashat Balak

1963: It wasreported today that Moshe Bartur, Israel’s permanent delegate to the UnitedNations has told the Social Committee of the United Nations Economic and SocialCouncil meeting in Geneva that “virulent anti-Semitism was being promoted inthe Soviet Union by Moscow’s denial of human rights to the three million Jews”living in that country.

1964: “TheKillers” a film based on the novel of the same name directed and produced byDon Siegel and featuring Norm Fell was released in the United States today.

1965(6thof Tammuz, 5725): Eighty-six-year-old philanthropist and mother of eight Mrs.Sadie Freedman Annenberg, the widow of “millionaire publisher Moses L.Annenberg” whom she married in 1899 passed away today.

1966:Birthdate of Jacques Berlinerblau, the native of Portland, Maine, NYU alum andauthor of scholarly work on “Jewish-American literature and biblicalliterature” who became “Professor and Director of the Program for JewishCivilization at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at GeorgetownUniversity.”

1967(28thof Sivan 5727): Seventy-sic year old St. Lawrence University trained attorneyand WW I U.S. Navy veteran Captain Jerome A. Liederman the son of Samuel andMinnie Lederman and the brother Jeanette Lederman Arons, who served with theOffice Naval Intelligence during WW II and “served at the war crime trials inYokohama” while raising two children – Maxine and Jay – with his wife Mabel,passed way today.

1969: “TheRabbinical Seminary of America” on 69th Avenue in Forest Hills,“announced the establishment of a permanent branch in Israel” which is locatedon “a five-acre site in the Sanhedrin area of Jerusalem” where “seminarian willbe offered two years of a six-program of studies leading to an Orthodoxrabbinic degree.”

1969: In TelAviv, Dr. John D. Glover a professor at the Harvard Business School “suggestedtoday that Israeli leaders look beyond their desired science industrial to thepeople who will be need to run them” since the development of human resourcesrepresented the bottleneck here, not the industrial plants.”

1969: PitcherDave Roberts, whose father is Jewish, made his major league debut with the SanDiego Padres.

1970:Eighty-year-old actress Marjorie Rameau who according to Bernard Sobel was theresponsible for the creating the Ruben Sandwich which she “inaugurated when”she visited the Reuben's Delicatessenone night when the cupboards were particularly bare” passed away today.

1971: Dr. Tadeusz Kosibowicz, directorof the state hospital in Będzin, who sent to Dachau for his work at rescuingJews and was awarded the title of“Righteous,” passed away today.

1973(6th ofTammuz, 5733): Conductor and composer Otto Klemperer passed away

1973: “Liveand Let Die,” the eighth spy film in the James Bond series co-produced by HarrySaltzman, with a screenplay by Tom Mankiewicz and co-starring Yaphet Kotto wasreleased today in the United Kingdom two weeks after having been released inthe United States.

1976: The Jerusalem Post reported that under anew bill presented to the Knesset by Transport Minister Gad Ya'acobi Israelcould take "unspecified sanctions" against any airline foundnegligent in security precautions which could endanger its citizens. TheMinistry of Labor announced that universal sick-pay benefits for every workerin Israel would become the law of the land on October 1, 1976.

1976: InIsrael, the President, Prime Minister, and most of the cabinet ministers wereamong the thousands of mourners who attended the funeral of Lt. Col. YoniNatanyahu, the 30 year old military officer who gave his life to insure thesuccessful rescue at Entebbe.

1976: By orderof President Idi Amin, Uganda today marks the first of two days of mourning forthe seven Palestinian terrorists killed during the Israeli raid on Entebbe aswell the Ugandan soldiers reported to have lost their lives.

1976: U.S.premiere of “Shivers,” the Canadian horror film produced by Ivan Reitman anddirected by David Cronenberg who also wrote the script.

1976: Finalbroadcast of a syndicated version of “I’ve Got a Secret” – a game show producedby Mark Goodson and Bill Todman, created by Allan Sherman

1976: WhileFrench President Valery Giscard d’Estaing and Prime Minister Jacques Chirachave not made any comment on the raid on Entebbe, Mordechai Ghazith, Israel’sambassador to France congratulated the French for their “role in the ordeal.”

1976: “MichaelCojot gave a written account of his experience at Entebbe to a young Frenchofficial who was collecting testimonies ‘for the sole benefit of the archives’”While IDF Motta Gur said that “had it not been for the information that Cojot”supplied “many more hostages and soldiers would have died” the French neveracknowledged his role.

1977(20th ofTammuz, 5737): One person was killed and twenty-two were wounded whenterrorists bombed a market in Petah Tikvah.

1978(1stof Tammuz, 5738): Rosh Chodesh Tammuz

1978(1stof Tammuz, 5738): Eighty-two-year-old Isador Lubin the Worcester born son ofHarris and Inda Francke Lubin and Clarke University trained economist whostudied under Thorstein Veblein who served as U.S. Commissioner of LaborStatistics passed away today in Annapolis, MD.

1978: Funeralservices are scheduled today for Jack Tiger, husband of Bella Tiger and fatherof Fern and Steven Tiger flowed by “internment at the Baron Hirsch Cemetery.”

1979:Birthdate of Mark Moshe Kasher, the New York born, Los Anageles trained“stand-up comedian, author and actor known professionally as Moshe Kasher.

1979: ThreeFrench citizens were injured by a terrorist bomb near the UN offices in eastJerusalem.

1978: The U.S.Maccabiah Basketball Team is scheduled to compete in the 11thMaccabiah that begins in Israel today.

1980:AmyAlcott won the Mayflower classic today.

1982(15thof Tammuz, 5742): Seventy-seven-year-old decorated U.S. Naval Academygraduate Henry Emil Bernstein, theJacksonville, FL born son of Clare and Emil Bernstein a partner in the “StuartBernstein Company which sold hats, clothing and furnishing goods, passed awaytoday.

1984(6thof Tammuz, 5775): Eighty-five-year-old Ukraine native and alum of theUniversity of Georgia and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Max Cutler, a“pioneer in the fight against cancer” and the husband of “the former BertieBerger” passed away today in California.

1985(17thof Tammuz, 5745): Parashat Balak

1985(17thof Tammuz. 5745): Eighty-eight-year-old Joseph Willen, who served as executivevice president of the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York from 1941to 1967 passed away today.

1986: Birthdateof New York native and “American entrepreneur” David Karp who started Tumbiwhich he sold to Yahoo for $1.1 billion.

1986: Eighty-seven-year-oldLotah Kreyssig, whose efforts to stop the Nazi euthanasia program almost earnedhim a trip to the concentration camps but did cost him his job, passed awaytoday.

1987: 'Worldof Yesterday: Jews in England 1870-1920'' which opens today at St. Paul'sCathedral Crypt, is among the many exhibitions included in this summer's JewishEast End Celebration.

1988(21st ofTammuz, 5748): In Israel 14 bus passengers were killed as an Arab terroristassaulted the bus driver as the bus was driving by the edge of a cliff.

1988(21st ofTammuz, 5748): Ninety-three year old David Theodore Wilentz, the AttorneyGeneral of the state of New Jersey from 1934 to 1944 who prosecuted BrunoHauptmann for kidnapping the Lindbergh Baby passed away today.

1989(3rd ofTammuz, 5749: A terrorist seized a bustraveling between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.He forced the bus to crash into a ravine where it burst into flameskilling sixteen passengers many of whom burned in their seats. The attack took place at Telshe Stone, theplace where Mickey Marcus was shot during the War for Independence.

1989: At a concert in Jerusalem, the conductorZubin Metah asked the audience to stand for two minutes of silence in memory ofthose killed that day in Telshe Stone.Metah also asked the audience to refrain from any applause.

1993(17thof Tammuz, 5753): Tzom Tammuz

1993(17thof Tammuz, 5753): Ninety-four-year-old Benjamin Zukerman, the Romanian born sonof Samuel and Ida Greenberg Zuckerman, the husband of Ida Scheinker Zuckermanwhom he married in 1926 passed away today in Florida.

1993: Oneperson was wounded in a stabbing attack in west Jerusalem.

1994: Afterhaving premiered at Cannes, “Cold Water,” “a French film written and directedby Oliver Assayas’ was released in France today.

1994: Afterhaving premiered in Los Angeles, “Forest Gump” produced by Wendy Finerman andSteve Tisch and a screenplay by Eric Roth was released in the rest of theUnited States today.

1995: PitcherBrian Bark made his major league debut with the Boston Red Sox.

1997(1st ofTammuz, 5757): Rosh Chodesh Tammuz

1997: (1stof Tammuz, 5757) At the age of 101 Gerda Lissner, the Stettin Germany borndaughter of Clara and Simon Karger, the wife of Herman Lissner and the sisterof Irma Karger passed away today in NYC.

1997: The New York Times book section featuresa review of Passion and Reason Edited by E. Joshua Rosenkranz, aformer honoree of the Cornell University Jewish Life Fund and Bernard Schwartzand Ben-Gurion and the Holocaust by Shabtai Teveth in which thehistorian contradicts contentions that Ben-Gurion was insensitive to the plightof the Jews of Europe and/or that he uncaringly exploited their situation forthe benefit of the Yishuv

1999(22ndof Tammuz, 5959): Seventy-seven-year-old British businessman Joe Hyman who madeand lost a fortune passed away today.

1999(22ndof Tammuz, 5959): Ninety-three year old singer and composer Benny Bell passedaway today.

1999: NatanSharansky succeeds Eli Suissa as Minister of Internal Affairs.

1999: EhudBarak succeeds Silvan Shaom as Minister of Science, Culture and Sport

1999: ShlomoBen-Ami succeeds Avigdor Kahalani was Minister of Public Security.

1999: EliSuissa succeeds Ariel Sharon as Minister of National Infrastructure.

1999: DavidLevy succeeds Ariel Sharon as Israel’s Foreign Minister

1999: BinyaminBen-Eliezer succeeds Limor Livant as Minister of Communications.

1999: EhudBarak began serving as the 10th Prime Minister of Israel

2000: “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” a filmnominated for 10 Oscars with a script co-authored by James Schamus was releasedtoday in Hong Kong.

2000(3rd ofTammuz, 5760):Eighty-eight-year-old Władysław "Wladek" Szpilman apianist and classical composer, who is widely known as the protagonist of the2002 Roman Polanski film The Pianist, which is based on the book "ThePianist" recounting his survival of the German occupation of Warsaw andthe Holocaust passed away today.

2001: U.S.premiere of “Black River” a FOX made for television movie starring LisaEdelstein as “Laura Crosby.”

2001: “KosherÀ La Cart” published today described the uniquely patented cart that is beingused to sell kosher food at the World Trade Center

2002(26th of Tammuz, 5762): Kenneth Koch, Ameircan poet and winner of the1994 Bollingen Prize, passed away at the age of 77.

2003(6th of Tammuz, 5763): Spc. Jeffrey M. Wershow was killed today whenhe was shot in Baghdad during military operations. He was 22 years old.“Attending law school and running for president of the United States wereJeffrey Wershow’s plans after finishing his time in the National Guard. Heconsumed history books, particularly those about the Vietnam War, and developedan interest in politics, even working in the election offices of localpoliticians in Gainesville, Fla. After spending three years in the ArmyReserve, Wershow attended Santa Fe Community College, in New Mexico, prior toenlisting in the National Guard. His father, Jonathan Wershow, said that beforebeing deployed to Iraq, his son attended Sabbath services near Fort Stewart inGeorgia and would later celebrate Passover in the desert in Iraq. His fathermaintains that “the military was very good for Jeffrey. He really grew up; [themilitary] really helped him a lot. If my son had to die, he felt that he wasgiving his life for a cause worth dying for.” (As reported by The Forwards)

2003: The New York Times features reviews of books by Jewishauthors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including BenjaminFranklin: An American Life by Walter Isaacson, After Jihad by NoahFeldman and the recently released paperback edition of Beyond the LastVillage: A Journey of Discovery in Asia's Forbidden Wilderness by AlanRabinowitz

2004(17th of Tammuz, 5764): Tzom Tammuz

2004(17th of Tammuz, 5764): Captain Moran Vardi, 25, was killed byterrorists in Israel.

2005: The group claiming that it carried out the kidnapping of Ihabal-Sharif, Egypt’s top diplomat in Iraq, said in an Internet posting today thata religious court had convicted him of crimes that are punishable by deathbecause he “was guilty apostasy because Egypt had allied itself to the Jews andChristians.”

2005: “Lion ofHollywood The Life and Legend of Louis B. Mayer” published today provided adetailed review of the “wonderfully readable biography Lion of Hollywood”by Scott Eyman.

2006(10th ofTammuz, 5766): First Lieutenant Yehuda Bassel, 21, was killed this afternoonduring an IDF operation in the northern Gaza Strip designed to destroy thelaunching sites for Kassam missiles. The 21 year old from Moshav Yinon wasscheduled to be laid to rest tomorrow afternoon in the Kfar Warburg militarycemetery in southern Israel.

2006: JudithKaye, the Chief Judge of the New York Court of appeals “authored a dissent inan omnibus appeal of four same-sex marriage disputes (including Hernandez v.Robles) in which the majority ruled that the state constitution "does notcompel recognition of marriages between members of the same sex". Kaye'sdissent admonished that while New York State has a tradition of upholding equalrights, "the court today retreats from that proud tradition".

2007: “WhenNietzsche Wept” based on the novel of the same name by Irvin D. Yalomco-starring Michal Yannai and Jamie Elman was released today.

2007: InJerusalem, "Performances in Nature" presents famous Israeli singer,David Broza, in an acoustic performance at Ein Chemed.

2007(20th ofTammuz, 5767): Advertising executive, author and columnist Lois Wayse, whocoined the memorable catchphrase “With a name like Smucker’s it has to be good”passed away at the age of 80.

2007: TheIsraeli premiere of "We Are Together" (Thina Simunye) will take placeat the Jerusalem Film Festival at 10:15 P.M.

2008: Aninternational conference on Dead Sea Scrolls research opens in Israel.

2008 (3 Tammuz, 5768): On the Hebrew calendar,the fourteenth anniversary of the passing of the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M.Schneerson, of righteous memory.

2008: The New York Times featuresreviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readersincluding America America by Ethan Canin and City of Thieves byDavid Benioff, a novel “which follows a character named Lev Beniov, the son ofa revered Soviet Jewish poet who “disappeared” in the Stalinist purges, as Levand an accomplice carry out an impossible assignment during the Nazi blockadeof Leningrad.”

2008: TheWashington Post features reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or ofspecial interest to Jewish readers including A Choice of Enemies: America Confronts the Middle East by Lawrence Freedman

2008: The SanFrancisco Giants shipped Brian Horowitz down to Fresno for more playing time.

2008: The chief Nazihunter of the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center, Dr. EfraimZuroff, headed to South America in a final public campaignto locate the most wanted Nazi in, the world and bring him to justice. Thesearch for Dr. Aribert Heim, 94, the former Austrian doctor also known as"Dr. Death" who tops the Wiesenthal Center's list of "mostwanted Nazis," has spanned nearly half a century since his 1962disappearance in Germany ahead of a planned prosecution for his war crimes.

2009: A newly formed Iranian Jewish Federationmade up of emigrants from the Iranian city of Mashad is scheduled to meet todayin Jerusalem in an effort to promote and preserve their heritage.

2009: Rabbi LeviYitzchok Horowitz was hospitalized in the Sharei Tzedek hospital in Jerusalemafter suffering a cardiac arrest.

2009: Capt. BenSklaver shipped out for Afghanistan after setting a wedding date with hisfiancée Beth Segaloff

2009: Ben Horowitzand his partner launched Andreessen Horowitz, “to invest in and advise bothearly-stage startups and more established growth companies in high technology.”

2010: The U.S.Holocaust Memorial Museum is scheduled to present “First Person With Al Moritz”which is part of the First Person program which is designed provide the generalpublic to hold conversations with Holocaust survivors.

2010: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and USPresident Barack Obama met in the White House today and discussed direct talks,Gaza, Iran and other issues

2010: Simon Wolfson,who was created Baron Wolfson of Aspley Guise, of Aspley Guise in the County ofBedfordshire was introduced in the House of Lords today. Wolfson is the founderof the £250,000 Wolfson Economic Prize.

2010: Sir MalcolmRifkind became Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee.

2011(4thof Tammuz): Yahrzeit of Rabbi Yaakov ben Meir of Romereau known as"Rabbeinu Tam

2011: “IsraeliCulture through Hebrew Conversation” an eight week course offered at theHistoric 6th & I Synagogue is scheduled to have its openingsession this evening.

2011: Prime MinisterBinyamin Netanyahu met with his Romanian counterpart Emil Boc in Bucharest, whosaid that he opposes a Palestinian unilateral declaration of statehood.

2011: PresidentShimon Peres and Sephardi Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar have issued a call to thepublic to desist from all forms of extremism and incitement.

2011: The Schalitfamily traversed the Knesset's hallways today to request that MKs sign a lettercalling on the government to release Hamas terrorists in exchange for captivesoldier Gilad Schalit.

2011: Oscar Goodmancompleted his services as the 21st Mayor of Las Vegas.

2011: “The Judy GoldShow: My Life as a Sitcom” which the New York Times called “highlyentertaining” officially opened today in NYC.

2011: CarolynGoldmark Goodman, the wife of former Mayor Oscar Goodman became the 22ndMayor of Las Vegas after having received 60 per cent of the vote.

2011: As a sign ofsocial and cultural change in Israel Ethan Bronner describes the debate inIsrael over a two-day weekend.

2012: “Israel: AHome Movie” is scheduled to be shown today the Jerusalem Film Festival

2012: Indonesia isto open a consulate in Ramallah, headed by a diplomat with the rank ofambassador, who will also unofficially serve as his country’s point man forcontacts with Israel, The Times of Israel learned on today.

2012: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton toldPalestinian President Mahmoud toiday that the Israel-Palestinian conflictshould not be forgotten amid wider upheaval in the Middle East.

2012: Israel reiterated today that it would refusecooperation with a a UN Human Rights Council fact finding mission to probeIsraeli West Bank settlement activity and Jewish building in east Jerusalem.

2013: Due to lack ofa repayment, there will be no “free” bus from the Kotel on Motzei Shabbat; aservice that Egged has been operating on the honor system to accommodate theneeds of “observant” riders.

2013: In CedarRapids, Iowa, the traditional minyan celebrates Independence Shabbat, honoringJewish American heroes of the revolution, followed by a beat the summer heatKiddush featuring Sundaes on Saturday.

2013: “Caught In TheWeb” is among the films scheduled to be screened at the 30thInternational Jerusalem Film Festival.

2013(28thof Tammuz, 5773): Ninety-three year old publisher Arthur Rosenthal passed awaytoay. (As reported by Paul Vitello)

2013(28thof Tammuz, 5773): Eighty-nine-year-old Nixon adviser Leonard Garment passedaway today.(As reported by Eric Lichtblau)

2013: US Secretaryof State John Kerry’s plan to resume peace talks between Israel and thePalestinian Authority calls for a cessation of settlement construction outsidesettlement blocs in the West Bank and the release of 103 Palestinian prisoners,the London-based Al-Hayat newspaper reported today (As reported by Khaled AbuTomeh and Tovah Lazaroff)

2013: Omri Casspi,the only Israeli hoopster to ever play in the NBA, will sign a two-year, $2million (NIS 7.3 million) deal with the Houston Rockets, Yahoo! Sports reportedtoday (As reported by Raphael Gellar)

2014: TheNew York Times featured reviews of books by Jewish authors -- A MostImperfect Union: A Contrarian History of the United States by Ilan Stavans-- and of special interest to Jewish readers – The Arsenal of Democracy:FDR, Detroit and an Epic Quest to Arm an America at War by A.J. Baime whichtells of the role played by infamous ant-Semite Henry Ford in the creation ofthe Arsenal of Democracy that defeated the Nazis.

2014: A tour of Jewish Poland led by GratzCollege scholar Dr. Michael Steinlauf is scheduled to come to an end.

2014: Jerusalem-born conductor Asher Fisch isscheduled to lead “a Romantic program fitting for a mid-summer Berkshires'evening.”

2014: The Shin Bet Security announced that“several Jewish suspects have been arrested in connection with murder of aPalestinian teen” on July 2. (JTA)

2014: Lynn Chaney, the wife of the former VicePresident tells the New York Timesthat “the last book to make her cry was Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree(“I have to steel myself before I read it to my grandchildren.”)

2014: After 25 rockets were fired into Israelfrom Gaza today, the IAD killed two members of the Islamic Jihad this evening.

2014: “Israel Police said today that19-year-old Shelley Dadon, whose body was found in a car park in Migdal Ha'emekin early May, was murdered by her taxi driver, 34-year-old Hussein YousefKhalifa, who confessed and reenacted her killing.” (As reported by Ahiya Ravedand Yoav Zitun)

2014: Palestinian security forces used tear gasto prevent rioters from burning Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus tonight.

2015: In Tel Aviv, the first annual BluesFestival is scheduled to come to an end.

2015: In Leeds, UK, Frank Virgon is scheduledto lecture on “Isaac Bashevis Singer: How his Works have been Lost inTranslation in the US.”

2015(19th of Tammuz, 5775): Seventy-seven-year-oldJerry Weintraub who combined the worlds of Hollywood and politics passed awaytoday.

2015(19th of Tammuz, 5775): Ninety-three-year-old Vilnus native RachelMargolis, the WW II partisan, turned biology professor and Holocaustpreservationist passed away today.

2016: David J. Shulkin began serving as UnderSecretary of Veterans Affairs for Health.

2016: The Mission to Israel sponsored by theJewish Federation of North America is scheduled to begin today.

2016: Three months after Israel’s ChiefRabbnate reject the author of Rabbi Haskel Lookstein to perform conversions,Natan Sharansky today “spoke at a 200-person protest on Lookstein’s behalf infront of the Chief Rabbinical Court in Jerusalem.” (As reported by Ben Sales)

2016: Judy Margles, the executive director ofthe Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education and board chairElaine Coughlin “announced today the purchase of a $5 million space in Oldtownto serve as the institution’s permanent home.

2016: Dr. Suzanne Schneider of the BrooklynInstitute for Jewish Research is scheduled to teach the first session of “PrimoLevi: Memory, Meaning and the Holocaust.”

2016: The Consulate General of Israel isscheduled to host a luncheon where “Israeli Hi-Tech entrepreneur andphilanthropist, Rony Zarom and Batsheva Moshe, CEO of Unistream talk about theimpact of economic gaps on Israeli society and their efforts to empower Jewishand Arab youth from Israel's disadvantaged localities throughentrepreneurship.”

2016: The Jerusalem Film Festival is scheduledto open with its celebratory first evening tonight in Sultan’s Pool with ascreening of Pedro Almodovar’s latest film, “Julieta,” based loosely on threeshort stories in Alice Munro’s book “Runaway.” Emma Suarez, who stars inAlmodovar’s latest film (see trailer at top of story), will also attend the festival’sopening night festivities. (As reported by Jessica Steinberg)

2017: The International Festival of Lightexhibition in Jerusalem is scheduled to come to an end today.

2017: This evening “30,000 Jews from all acrossthe globe are scheduled to join together at the Teddy stadium in Jerusalem tobring in the 20th Maccabiah Games.”

2017: Daniel Polisar is scheduled to presentthe second session “The Zionist Vision: A New Look at Theodor Herzl.”

2018: “Anne Frank’s Family Was Thwarted by U.S.Immigration Rules, Research Shows” published today described the failedattempts by Otto Frank, the father of Anne Franks to save his family from theNazis.

2018: As a reminder of the vitality of “smalltown Judaism” Lily Zukin is scheduled to begin her Bat Mitzvah weekend tonightat Agudas Achim in Coralville, IA.

2018: “As the Syrian army continues itsoffensive on rebel-held areas near the Golan border,” Israel has signaled itsexpectation that the Assad government honor the “1974 Separation of ForcesAgreement.

2018: As Israelis respond to public relationsblitz by the Polish government touting the “the joint declaration signed byPrime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that effectively approved “a Polish law thatcriminalized accusing Poles of complicity in the extermination of Jews duringWorld War II” nobody has made any reference to the rabid anti-Semitism thatgripped pre-war Poland.

2019: In Cedar Rapids, a double simcha –Shabbat and the natal day of Lena Gilbert, the go to gal in the Jewishcommunity.

2019(3rd of Tammuz, 5779): ParashatKorach;

2019(3rd of Tammuz, 5779): Yahrzeitof The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson OBM

2019: In Jerusalem, the Nocturno Café isscheduled to host an evening with singer/songwriter Yahli Sobol, “the leadersinger of mythological band Monica Sex.”

2020: Ilana Kaufman, the Director of the Jewsof Color Initiative is scheduled to talk online “about her experiences growingup Black and Jewish, feeling isolated, racism in the Jewish community and thework needed to address racism.”

2020: The Open Circle Jewish Learning isscheduled to present online, “Witness as Activist: The Lessons of Elie Wiesel.”

2020: As part of its virtual learning program,B’nai Jershurun Congregation is scheduled to host “What’s NU?” with Rabbi HalRudin-Luria applying “topical text study and discussion to the most relevantJewish topics of the day.”

2020: The Temple Emanu-El Streicker Center isscheduled to host a virtual presentation by Doris Kearns as she talks about“Leadership in the Time of COVID.”

2020: Rules previously approved by the Knesset“which will see synagogues, bars, nightclubs and event venues capped at 50people” are scheduled to go into effect today.

2021: The American Sephardi Association isscheduled to present Rabbi Elie Abadie, the Lebanese born physician as he talksabout “Jewish Life in the Arab World: A New Chapter?”

2021: In Israel, “the high-level coronaviruscabinet is scheduled to meet today to discuss the resurgence of the virus inthe country due to the fast-spreading Delta variant.”

2021: According to a memo “JP Morgan Chase’schief executive Jamie Dimon has sent to employees” all “the employees shouldreturn the office” as of today.

2021: The Streicker Center is scheduled to hostBenny “Briga and cookbook author Adeena Sussman who will get you whipping upCafe Levinsky’s creations without flying to Israel with their new cookbook, Gazoz:The Art of Making Magical, Seasonal Sparkling Drinks.

2022: Lockdown University is scheduled to hosta webinar with Rabbi Jeremy Rosen lecturing on “Study the Bible. Know What isin it and What is Not.”

2022: In Cedar Rapids, the Hadassah Book Clubis scheduled to discuss Good Riddance, a novel by Elinor Lipman.

2022: Based on previously published reports theHighland Park Parade Mass Shooting took on a Jewish flavor as one of thevictims was identified as Jacki Sundheim a member of North Shore CongregationIsrael in Glencoe ”who was the Reform synagogue’s events and b’nei mitzvahcoordinator” and that the shooter had been asked to leave the Chabad Houseduring Pesach by Rabbi Rabbi Yosef Schanowitz

2022: JHMOMC is scheduled to ExecutiveDirector, Jessica Solomon, lecturing on “The Golden Medinah: The 19th and 20thCentury Monmouth County, New Jersey Eastern European Jewry Immigration.”

2022: The American Sephardi Federation isscheduled to present Joyce Yarrow is scheduled to lecture on “Zahara and theLost Book of Light” as part of New Works Wednesdays.

2022: The Jewish Museum of London is scheduledto host a “Virtual Teachers CPD that explores what it really means to be Jewishand how best to teach an authentic and inclusive Judaism in your classrooms.”

2022: YIVO, Center for Jewish History and theYiddish Book Center are scheduled to present Anita Norich lecturing on “Fearand Other Stories by Chana Blankshteyn.”

2023(17th of Tammuz, 5783): TzomTammuz: Shiva Asar Be-Tammuz (Seventeenth of Tammuz), a minor fast day thatcommemorates the breaching of the walls of Jerusalem in 586 B.C.E. by theBabylonians and again in 70 C.E. by the Romans. According to some sages, theSecond Temple fell because of the lack of love and community spirit. InAmerica, whether it is bullying or the coarsening of our public discourse, weare painfully aware of the harm that speech can do. Since most AmericanJews do not refrain from food and drink on the 17th of Tammuz maybe it has beenproposed that we refrain from Lashon Hara (i.e. Speaking Evil) on thisminor fast day. To paraphrase the old Chasidic tale, we will show as muchconcern for what comes out of our mouths as we show for what we put in ourmouths for one day, it might become a habit.

2023: The JCC Maccabi Games are scheduled tobegin today in Israel.,event%2C%20beginning%20on%20July%206.

2024(30th of Tammuz, 5784):

Parashat Korach and Rosh Chodesh Tammuz

for more see

2024: EuroNASCAR champion, Alon Day plans tocompete as part of the Alpha Prime Racing team in the NASCAR Xfinity SeriesChicago Street Race today in a car whose “hood will display an homage to the Israelihostages held in Gaza.”

2024: The Beit Agnon in Jerusalem is scheduledto host a joint reading of S.Y. Agnon’s “The Fortune of Rothschild or the TwoLadies” followed by a lecture Adin Ner-Davd who “will examine the character ofRothschild and reflect on the hidden and overt messages of the story.”

2024: Director Ofir Raul Grazier is scheduledto attend the screening of “America” “anew film starring Michael Moshonov as a former champion swimmer from Israel nowliving in Chicago who returns to Tel Aviv after learning his estranged fatherhas died” at the New Plaza Cinema in NYC.

2024: As July 6th beginsin Israel, an unprecedented wave of anti-Semitism that has included Hamassupporters calling for Zionist passengers on a New York subway to raise theirhands, sweeps the United States and the Hamas held hostages begin day 274 incaptivity. (Editor’s note: thissituation is too fluid for this blog to cover so we are just providing asnapshot as of the posting at midnight Israeli time.)

This Day, July 6, In Jewish History by Mitchell A and Deb Levin Z"L – All #ourCOG News (2024)


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